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What is Prosthetics
Prosthetics, according to its Greek origins, is "the systematic pursuit of adding on to" Specifically, prosthetics deals with the addition or application of an artificial device to the body, called a prosthesis, to replace partially or completely missing extremities.
Prosthetic needs may arise from a disease process, traumatic injury or may be congenital in nature. The design of the prosthesis includes the selection of appropriate materials and

components, as well as determination of specific timelines and technical process of fabrication. The design of the prosthesis should reflect the needs of the patient based on a thorough physical and biomechanical assessment, including gait analysis, fitness or activity level and X-ray evaluation, as required.

Advancements in materials technology have led to the development of more sophisticated knee and foot componentry. Prosthetic feet offer a variety of energy saving or storing characteristics. As well, a wide range of new plastics and reinforcement materials provide selective flexibility and rigidity in prosthetic sockets.
The integration of clinical and technical advancements into daily clinical practice have led to greater comfort and a more responsive prosthesis.

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